About Our Clinic

Set up after 10 years of experience in the Medico-Cosmetics industry, People & Skin was born from the desire to strive for excellence. The Clinic boasts highly trained professional Doctors, and cutting edge equipment which together with a superb front of house team aim to offer an unprecedented standard of service. 


What makes us special though, is our quasi obsession with client satisfaction. Self improvement through cosmetics is all about understanding how to boost confidence, and therefore we aim to treat People... and not just skin!


We care about what you want, and will always try to make sure you are happy with the result! Book a consultation today! 

The Team at People&Skin 
Joanna Delia
Founder : Exclusively committed to medical Aesthetics, Dr Delia balances a family and a passion for providing happiness boosting treatments.
Gorana Pecotic
Gorana Pecotic got her medical degree at the University of Belgrade School of Medicine after Specializing in Medical Aesthetics from the International School of Aesthetic Medicine Fatebenefratelli in Rome She is committed to help you be the best you can look.
Natasha Schumilowa
Laser specialist.
Natasha is our newest addition who cannot wait to meet you all and guide you through our laser journey for a more confident and carefree you.
Michelle Degorgio
Manager : Charismatic and infinitely dedicated, Michelle will be your hostess and will guide you through your experience at People&Skin.
Odile Attard
Customer Service Specialist. Odile will be assisting Michelle with the Front of House work and guiding customer through their experience at the Clinic.
Klea Zeka
Customer Service Specialist. Klea, together with Odile will be assisting the Front of House work and guiding customer through their experience at the Clinic.
Lorraine Lewis
Marketing, Design and Events: A believer that great design can make everybody feel better, Lorraine strives to show the world what a confidence booster this community is.
Ashleen Micallef
Physiotherapist. Ashleen is a certified physiotherapist with experience in various areas, including musculoskeletal injuries. She is passionate about good posture, feeling stronger and giving clients more confidence in themselves
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