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Botox® is a medicine which is injected with a small needle into muscle, with the aim of inhibiting the underlying muscle contraction, i.e. relaxing the muscle, therefore improving facial lines and appearance. Botox® is mostly done on the forehead, frown lines and crow's feet but may be injected in other areas as required. The results will be visible 3-7 days post treatment. During the first days it is advisable to avoid activities which result in excessive sweating from the area of treatment. Therefore strenuous exercise, saunas or sun bathing have to be avoided. 


A prior consultation is booked during which the Doctor will explain further the treatment, procedure, indications, expected results and possible side effects. One may experience swelling, redness, tenderness, slight headache, pain and/or bruising that may occur even several days after the treatment, however all these symptoms are temporary. 

Aside from Botox®, additional options for the correction of lines and wrinkles do exist, including facial creams, Juvederm®, Restylane® and Teosyal® dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing treatments, thread lifting, and surgery. All these options can be further discussed with the Doctor during the consultation. Book your appointment today! Call us on + 356 99985130 or email us on



1. Botox® treatment can be done during any time of the year

2. Post treatment the area will look as if bitten by mosquitoes. This swelling will subside after a couple of hours

3. Avoid any activity that can cause excessive sweating for the first three days like strenuous exercise , saunas            or sun bathing

4. Make up can be applied on the area treated straight after treatments

5. If a bruise is present Arnica containing creams can be applied up to 3-5 times daily


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