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Our clients deserve to be understood. The Initial consultation is central to our relationship. We will discuss all the high calibre personal enhancement treatments available, with their perks and limitations. Our internationally qualified Doctors are excited to listen to your dreams and concerns and promise to be honest and professional. 



Botox is a medicinal which is injected with a tiny needle into small muscle fibres. These fibres through repeated contraction cause wrinkles to appear. Botox stops these contractions therefore improving appearance and eliminating wrinkles. Used by millions and millions, Botox is a tried and tested confidence boosting gift to yourself! And the whole treatment lasts less than 5 minutes!


Dermal Fillers

Fillers... fill. Imagine re-volumising parts of your face which have sagged, or simply lost volume. We are lucky to live in a time where safe, sterile and biodegradable products can instantly improve the appearance of Cheeks, sunken eyes, droopy jowls and naso-labial folds. Our highly trained experienced Doctors will sculpt you beautiful!


Laser Hair Removal

You will never know how life changing Laser Hair Removal is until you try it. Hairs that are in their active growth cycle are destroyed permanently, but multiple treatments at 6-8 week intervals are needed to tackle the dormant follicles.

We use the gold standard of equipment and only trust your skin in expert Doctor's hands.


Chemical Peels

Frankly, everyone can benefit from a Peel. Available since the time of cleopatra (who repeutedly bathed in milk - lactic acid), Peels range from very mild to nice and deep, and serve to remove debris, refresh and rejuvinate. Its like a little army scrubbing away all thats makes your skin unsoft and uneven with minimal downtime. 



Invented in the 1950's and a worldwide raging phenomenon, this treatment involves injecting tiny doses of natural ingredients directly into the skin. With over 10 years of experience, and solutions for concerns as far ranging as cellulite and superficial skin dehydration, our doctors will use this bio-revitalisation treatment to change the way you feel about your skin.


Thread Lifting

How many times in a day do you look in the mirror and pull back your face? Lets let you in on a secret. Through needle sized holes we can insert a scaffolding of threads (made of a safe material used by surgeons for over 60 years) to keep your face from sagging. Using local anaesthetic. In under 30 minutes. Interested?


Lip Augmentation

Ok. This needs little introduction. Wether you ve always dreamt of a little plumping up (a little..), or you feel that along the years your lips are shrinking or receding, Hyaluronic Acid Gel fillers are extraordinary in their ability to deliver smiles and elated facial expressions! A few pricks with a choice of Anaesthetic is all it takes. And our experts' tastes are refined. We promise.


Skin Needling

A needle prick is closed by our skin's healing abilities in a second or 2. In that instant a cascade involving the influx of Platelet-Rich-Plasma and the laying of new collagen occurs to heal and strengthen the skin. Needling was invented to heal burn and acne scars and eliminate fine wrinkles, and involves the above process... (x 200,000 miniscule needle pricks.)


Skin Care Advice

'The most beautiful make-up for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy' Yves Saint laurent


If you join our club, you will be requested to drink water, apply sun-block and one of your face creams must contain vitamins A, C and E. We can also consult you on any other cream, gel or lotion query.


Vein Treatments

We want you to be proud of showing off your legs. Our expert Doctors have been trained by world reknowned vascular surgeons in London and offer solutions to treat Thread veins or spider veins and give advice on their prevention. Packages include vein ultrasound and multiple followups, and even support stockings you wont be shy to go to a wedding in!


Skin Resufacing

After decades of using needling (above), the experts decided to add the benefit of heat to Skin Resurfacing procedures. When heated collagen contracts, immediately lifting the skin. So while the trauma heals your old scars and fine lines, smoothing and rebuilding, layer by layer, we even aim to tighten it all up. Fabulous or what!


Hyper Hydrosis (Accessive sweating)

Unfortunately, visible sweat patches are a lead cause of tainted confidence levels. If your sweat glands are letting you down, allow us to propose temporarily decreasing their activity with Botox. Make your confidence a priority and put your hands up in the air even in the shirt you ve worn since morning or that lovely silk dress you bought for the wedding!


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